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28 April 2013 @ 09:15 pm

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this journal is friends-only sorry! i always love meeting new people though so don't be afraid to say hi / comment here / just add me and i'll add you back* - it's just that i'd rather not have my entries open to the public!
(i mostly post tl;dr personal things and sketches/other art here)
*unless you're family, for obvious reasons
All comments on this entry are screened!
(they'll be automatically unscreened when i reply but I'll hide em again afterwards)
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27 April 2013 @ 11:28 pm
i really need practice drawing character interactions/~*emotions*~/general storytelling stuff so please request things here!
  • this is stickied and open indefinitely because i never know what to draw and this place isn't as "public" as dA
  • any fandoms/OCs/whatever are cool, though obviously i'll be more familiar with certain fandoms haha (as for hetalia i really enjoy drawing historical things but i would appreciate outfit refs because i can never find them)
  • the more challenging and detailed the prompt the better \o/
  • pg and under please! since this is public i should say i may not draw everything that's requested - with a pinch of discretion/common sense everything should be fine -3-
  • anonymous comments are on/ip logging off just for the sake of it
  • anon requests will be posted under a cut here and i'll reply to your comment again if you're tracking/in case you're not on my f-list!
 i can't guarantee quality (..at all orz) and i might take 1000 years to get around to them but i'm going to want to do something apart from study 24/7 over the next two months... so yep, thank you!the last day of term 3 is tomorrow and with the last theory lesson of chem i'll have finished my entire learning career at school... and then next term is only 2.5 weeks of "class" before exams ahhhh crap
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04 May 2011 @ 06:32 pm
since i'm on this whole ~starting anew~ page i might as well do this too

i'd just really like some honesty about.. anything really - personally, artistically, whatever ANYTHING GOES honesty is one of the things i value most so here i am on a search for it*~*~
i swear to high heavens i'm not fishing for compliments at all (i've been reluctant to do this before because of that perception) - i just need some self-improvement goals/guidance and since my own view of myself is obviously gonna be a bit skewed, some outside input would be really useful. (or by some off chance if there's anything you've ever wanted to say to/about me that's fine too haha)

admittedly i'd be hesitant to say stuff to people like this but PLEASE DON'T BE i am totally fine with anything and everything! i'm not gonna lie a complete absence of response freaks me out more than anything and i'm really not easily offended so even the first thing that comes to mind would be interesting at the very least - sugarcoating not required, be as harsh as you like i can take it

everything is initially screened & anon enabled & ip logging off etc (i guess stuff will unscreen if i reply so let me know if you want to keep it.. screened? assuming i do get a response haha i'm counting on you)
14 January 2011 @ 01:04 am
  • LJ decided to delete this entire entry while i was in the middle of it :'| so i'm sorry if i get lazy and even more boring
  • canada was amazing in general, i really loved it and i'd love to return one day. i can't pick a favourite city/town and travelling by train for the majority of our transport was enjoyable too! despite the cold (and returning to a very humid, hot, and rainy melbourne) i'm glad we went in winter and over christmas :) i've always had a soft spot for the christmas atmosphere/lights so it was a real treat to finally see christmas and snow together for the first time and all the people we met were also so friendly!! (and i love how north americans say australia/aussie/melbourne with their non-lazy pronunciation ahh so cute <3)
  • these photos were taken by myself, my sister, my mum or eokani haha idek anymore (hint: the ones that look good aren't mine) and there are.. a lot here. there are literally thousands more including some really pretty ones that my sister took that i'd love to post, but i tried to choose the more.. photojournalistic ones..? kind of. at least ones that ~*capture*~ things because I HAVE NOTHING FASCINATING TO SAY but it's hard when the places are already in my head sorry
  • i kept having brief delusions that i was in finland h-haha probably because i went through the entire finnish textbook and my head was full of finland and it was another country with snow so.. uh some days words like mansikoita and karjalanpiirakka kept repeating in my head for who knows what reason as well as the national anthem what the heck
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28 March 2009 @ 02:37 pm
I wrote up these notes from two books a little while back and thought I'd share c:
One is on composition and stuff from a book on coloured pencils, and the other is on character design. I copied the latter straight from my shorthand notes so some of it might not make sense, sorry!

character design

most of it is pretty basic stuff but I still found it interesting - I hope they're helpful to someone~

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